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We support our product throughout the entire lifecycle. Through close partnership with a network of local distribution partners, we always have local presence for quick action if needed.

Guaranteed, quickly and locally.


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We believe in optimising water processes through application of high precision self-calibrating instruments

Celine is supported by a group of experts and customer-focused technicians, always ready to help. The in-house know how involves cross-overs of all disciplines, like electronics, chemistry, software and mechanics; a truly unique team.

Celine enables full control of water and nutrient management in greenhouses and vertical farms

Celine is an instrument for online measurements of nutrients in irrigation water, that is the missing link for automation of nutrient dosing in greenhouses.

Optimal water and nutrient management thrives the crops to their best results, optimal quality and the best yield possible, with minimum use of resources like water and fertilizer.

Our products

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Celine instrument

Meet Celine, a self-calibrating real-time instrument that continuously measures the individual nutrient concentrations of the irrigation and drain water in greenhouses.


Celine Reagents

Celine provides specially designed reagents for getting the accurate and calibrated measurement results.


Celine cloud based intelligence

The nutrient concentrations are shared with the cloud and visualised through a portal on the internet.

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