Meet CE-LINE, a breakthrough innovation for water and nutrient management in greenhouse horticulture. Self-calibrating, self-cleaning and with automated water sampling, CE-LINE delivers accurate nutrient data throughout the day.

Celine enables full control of water and nutrient management in greenhouses and vertical farms

Celine is an instrument for online measurements of nutrients in irrigation water, that is the missing link for automation of nutrient dosing in greenhouses.

Optimal water and nutrient management thrives the crops to their best results, optimal quality and the best yield possible, with minimum use of resources like water and fertilizer.

CE-LINE Product Launch

CE-LINE is now available! 

CE-LINE was festively launched during the Horticontact Event in The Netherlands. Greenhouses and vertical farms benefit from increased plant and crop quality with CE-LINE’S inline & real-time measurement of nutrients in water. 

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CE-LINE is supported by a group of experts and customer focused technicians, always ready to help. The in-house know how involves cross-overs of all disciplines like electronics, chemistry, software and mechanics, a true unique team. Do you want to join us? Reach out to us!

Added value in greenhouses

Fully automated control of irrigation water

The world needs sustainable methods of agriculture that are resource efficient and easy to implement in and near cities. Indoor farming will become more common; and vertical farming close to urban markets will undoubtedly become most important. In such enclosed high-tech buildings, water, climate and light have to be controlled. Water and nutrient management are already entering new stages of innovation. But there is a missing link: real-time measurement instruments are needed to manage and fully control the processes.

CE-LINE instruments produce accurate and calibrated concentrations of all individual nutrients in the drain and irrigation water.


CE-LINE is available for several applications

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